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Children Swimming Lessons

Bailieborough Leisure Centre Syllabus


Tadpoles: + 3yrs

1. Enter / Exit pool by the steps and walk across unaided
2. Demo kicking drills with aid
3. Demo star floats in toddler pool with face submerged unaided
4. Demo blowing bubbles through mouth and nose

Level 1.

1. Enter / Exit pool safely. Walk across pool and understand basic pool rules.
2. Kick front / back with aid/assistance.
3. Float front / back with aid/assistance.
4. Get face wet without submerging and blow bubbles.
5. Regain feet from floating position with aid/assistance.

Complimentary skills:  Jump in to submerge, kick through hoops, bubbles with egg flips, star float in circle together.

Level 2. 

1. Enter / Exit NO assistance.
2. Push & Glide front and back. NO assistance.
3. Kick front and back with aid. NO assistance.
4 .Rotate front to back regain feet. Float for 10 seconds
5. Submerge to retrieve object at steps. Blowing through mouth and nose.

Complimentary skills: P&G through hoops, sitting dives, intro arm action, blow/breath drills at bar

Level 3. 

1. Swim 5m freestyle arm action using rotary breathing with board.
2. Swim 5m Backstroke arm action with board.
3. Float front and back for 10 seconds. NO assistance.
4. Rotate 360 degree without touching bottom.
5. Surface dive to retrieve object from bottom of pool.

Complimentary Skills: sitting dives, handstands, push through submerged hoops, intro deep water.

Level 4.

1. Swim 8m Freestyle breathing to the side.
2. Swim 8m back stroke with correct body position.
3. Swim 5m using froggy arm action.
4. Kick 10m front and back with board. NON stop
5. Demo treading water actions with aid
6. Demo sitting dive and glide.

Complimentary skills:  P&G through submerged hoops, dolphin kick, Star and mushroom floats, rotation work.

Level 5.

1. Swim 10m freestyle with correct breathing.
2. Swim 10m backstroke keeping head still.
3. Swim 10m using breaststroke type actions.
4. Kick 10m front and back with NO support.
5. Tread water for 20 secs using cycling and breast type leg actions.
6. Crouch dive and glide.

Complimentary skills:  Dolphin kick, rotation work, inverted Breast-stroke, P&G through hoops.

Level 6.
1. Swim 20m Freestyle with good technique.
2. Swim 20m Backstroke with good technique
3. Swim 10m Breaststroke feet turned out.
4. Tread water for 30 sec head clear of water.
5. Demo sculling on back in forward direction.
6. Surface dive and retrieve object in deep water.

Complimentary skills: Sculling in all directions, rotation work, crouch dives.

Level 7.

1. Swim 2 x 20m Freestyle with good technique.
2. Swim 2 x 20m Backstroke with good technique.
3. Swim 20m Breast-stroke feet turned out.
4. Kick 10m arms at side dolphin undulating action.
5. Crouch dive and swim out.
6. Demo forward somersault.

Complimentary skills: Bi-lateral breathing, pencil dives, rotation work, duck dives.

Level 8.
1. Swim 40m Freestyle holding good technique.
2. Swim 40 Backstroke holding good technique.
3. Swim 2 x 20m Breast-stroke with correct timing.
4. Attempt Butterfly arm and leg action.
5. Scull 10m on back head first and feet first.
6. Swim 60m NONSTOP using 2 different strokes and attempt turns.

Complimentary skills: Relay races, inverted breast-stroke,

Level 9.

1. Swim  60m Freestyle with good rhythm and breathing.
2. Swim  60m Backstroke with good rhythm and breathing.
3. Swim 20m Breast-stroke and 20m inverted Breast-stroke NON STOP.
4. Swim 10m Butterfly.
5. Demo Good push, glide and kick for 5m. Streamlined front and back.
6. Swim 100m using 2 different strokes with turns holding technique.

Complimentary skill: side-stroke, dive and transition work, clock work, using flags for turns.



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